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Premium E-Liquids

What is the right e-liquid for my e-cigarette? This can be a daunting question once you realized you have a really THICK E-liquid in your tank and its clogging your coils. Well today, i'm here to help you decide what's the best e-liquid for your device.

First, let me explain to you what eliquid is made of. The two main ingredients are Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin, for our purpose we will call them PG & VG. So you got your PG & VG, add some flavoring, nicotine optional and Wa-Lah! there's your e-liquid. Pretty simple just a few ingredients and your good to go, you would think. What makes it's tricky is how much PG/VG is added. If it's a high VG based e-liquid (standard 70%), then the e-liquid will be THICK, and your e-cigarette needs to be able to vaporize this thick concoction. But if your device is not able to reach 25 watts or higher? most likely your coils will clog up faster then they would if they where able to reach the appropriate heating level. Plus your missing out on a lot of flavor the e-liquid will produce when it's right. 

For the most part, which has become the standard for e-liquid maunfacturers. E-lquids come in 3 basic VG-PG ratio's. 70/30 PG to VG, 30/70 PG to VG and 50/50. The Higher the VG the thicker the e-liquid, the higher the PG, the thinner, which doesn't require to be vaporized at a higher wattage, preferably in the 7 - 20 watt range. Also PG based e-liquids are more "throaty", the hit is  harsher and not as cool. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, it may feel more like the simulation of actual smoking. These types of devices are called MTL "Mouth-to Lung" refers to a type of inhaling. When you MTL inhale, you take the vapor into your mouth. You then hold it in your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. With it’s tighter, more restricted draw, the MTL experience is much closer to that of a cigarette. What’s more, the combination of less air drawn over the coil, the higher PG levels typically used and the inhaling technique means you’ll experience more of a throat hit. 


A DL "Direct Lung" inhale is when you inhale the vapor directly into your lungs, without holding it in your mouth first. It's almost like taking a deep breath of air, only while pursing your lips.

Although most people use these terms mouth to lung or direct lung, in reality there can be a blur between the two. After all, however you vape, the vapor has to pass through your mouth on its way to your lungs. Still, the terms are widely used, and it’s worth learning what they mean before choosing the right device for you.

So for laymen terms, DL devices are for higher VG based e-liquids, and MTL device's are for PG based e-liquids.

50/50 PG to VG based e-liquids are for MTL use as well, which brings me to my next form of e-liquids, SALT. When the salt molecule is added to nicotine, it softens the hit, which allows for most salt nicotines to come in extremely high levels. The standard for e-liquid nicotine level use to be 24mg would be considered high, 18mg medium, 12mg a light and 6mg an ultra light. with the introduction of salt nic's, you saw an increase in nicotine level skyrocket to a whopping 50mg (often disguised as 5.0mg, which if your not in the know looks like only 5mg.) 

But whatever your preference, high nicotine, low or somewhere in between, knowing what e-liquid to put in your device can be crucial. Never put salt nic's in a DL device, the 50/50 ratio is too thin and with the high nicotine level, the potential for sickness is great.


If you have any questions about e-liquid and what would be the best for your device? please contact Vapor Den for assistance, its our job to help you make an inform decision on your purchase. (All our e-liquid pages will describe the PG/VG ratio for the given e-liquid). You can reach us at (510) 842-7882

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