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Nicotine obtained from tobacco and utilized in electronic liquid media is technically vaping within the range of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). This means that the e-liquid companies have limited ability to support the less harmful effect on your well-being than burning. Nicotine made synthetically is one of the alternatives to free smoking from the bonds of tobacco products legislation. However, what does synthetic nicotine refer to, and is it safe?

Difference between Synthetically Made Nicotine and Tobacco Derived Nicotine

When you smoke cigarettes, nicotine is the calmly kindling molecule that you get addicted to. While you may find high contents of nicotine in tobacco (8% to 14%), you might also find the addictive alkaloid in some other unwanted elements of the Nightshade family, albeit at lower levels. Other common foods like tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, eggplant aubergine, and the coca plant leaves contain nicotine traces.

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It is a common misconception that nicotine in small amounts does not pose any unwanted risk to your well-being. The combustion of tobacco and the numerous carcinogens and carbon monoxide released into the body each time you burn is the actual killer.

While nicotine may be what makes you addicted to smoking, there exist safer ways to use it. By swapping from smoking to e-cigarettes, tar and carbon monoxide get removed from the equation. Obtainable in a variety of flavors, the good thing about e-liquid vaping is that you can choose the nicotine concentration you want. If you normally smoke resilient rolling tobacco or cigarette, an e-liquid with a high 1.8% nicotine content would be a similar experience. From now on, whenever you require to change your e-liquid, you may choose a 1.2% lower concentration, followed by 0.6% and lastly, 0% nicotine-free.

In regards to what is in your e-cigarette, the e-liquid will generally contain pharmaceutical nicotine, also recognized as “freebase” nicotine. This is extracted from tobacco through a chemical procedure to distill the last product with 99% purity. The nicotine is then mixed with a concentrated liquid of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin and other flavors that promote the vape’s experience and taste.

What Is Synthetic Nicotine?

Synthetically produced nicotine, also known as “non-tobacco nicotine,” is an artificial replica of the old days’ nicotine from most-liquids, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and tobacco. Scientists can produce nicotine molecules without using tobacco, scientifically freeing the synthetic nicotine based e-liquid  from the set TPD rules and guidelines.

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Pharmaceutical nicotine is accessible from tobacco, and thus the end product might have strange impurity that might have gone through the obtaining procedure, creating a sticky vape.

Tasteless and odorless synthetically formed nicotine has a similar molecular structure comprising identical chemicals like nicotine; however, it has no impurities that go with tobacco.

Similarities Between Tobacco and Synthetically Produced Nicotine

The nicotine compound has 10 chemical atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms, and two nitrogen atoms. There isn’t much variance between derived nicotine and from other places. They are essentially the same in terms of their users’ effect.

The main difference is, artificial nicotine is made by a chemical containing nicotine with no tobacco. Chemicals like sulfuric acid, niacin, and ethanol are used to obtain synthetic tobacco-free nicotine.

Importance of E-Liquids Synthetically Made Nicotine

After the extraction of nicotine from the tobacco plant, a few impurities remain. Even though most firms try to retain it as pure, they still fail to attain 100% pureness. Companies that produce nicotine synthetically claim that it is purer compared to nicotine in tobacco. In addition, it is odorless and tasteless.

There is no change in the culture with synthetically made nicotine to achieve the plant’s anticipated nicotine levels. Synthetically made nicotine prices may be slightly higher than tobacco nicotine, considering the purity and production costs.

The materials used to produce nicotine synthetically come from FDA permitted dealers with a guarantee and quality mark. Synthetically made nicotine is patent-pending from the FDA since it must comply with due legal process.

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Is Synthetic Nicotine Safe?

Although it is said to be purer compared to pharmaceutical nicotine, there is no much difference between synthetic and traditional nicotine, only that it is not obtained from the tobacco plant.

Whereas there may be a reason to improve the flavor, synthetically produced nicotine is safe. It is basically obtained from other tobacco-free sources.

Those who wish to lower overall nicotine levels and cut ties to tobacco may gradually do this until they need it no more. They may vape nicotine-free until you get ready to quit altogether.

By Nicholas Roberts from Breazy

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