Coastal Clouds E-Liquids by Coastal Clouds

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Coastal Clouds Premium Vapor Co., based in Irvine, CA, specializes in producing high-quality E-Liquid and sensational vape juice profiles.

Iced Mango Berries - E-Juice by Coastal Clouds is one of the most spectacular creations available today. This masterpiece represents the succulent taste of juicy mangoes, blended with a delectable assortment of fresh berries. This fruit-flavored delight is then finished with a kick of cool, refreshing menthol for a flawless exhale you will love. 70vg/30pg

Iced Melon Berries - Indulge in the heavenly flavor of ICED Melon Berries by Coastal Clouds, capturing the uplifting gust of menthol followed by a healthy dose of sweet melon enhanced with a handful of berries. 70vg/30pg

Mango Berries - Tropical mangos, fresh strawberries, and flavorful kiwis.

Maple Butter -  A sweet and savory confection that combines maple syrup straight from the tap and blends it with rich butter undertones for a sweet and salty candied vape unlike any other. This tasty vapor will remind you of a rich buttery toffee candy with a hint of maple on the back notes and a smooth, creamy finish. Enjoy dense, aromatic vapor clouds that will leave your tastebuds begging for more. This candy flavor is sweet and balanced to deliver a smooth hitting vaping experience from start to finish. 70vg/30pg

Peach Tea will add sparkle to your daily vaping routine with this delicious peach tea flavor vape juice. Rejuvenate your palate with a refreshing fruit beverage vapor with authentic fresh fruit flavor. Enjoy a lightly sweet, tangy and smooth hitting vapor that produces dense aromatic vapor clouds. Try it today in 60ml bottles! 70vg/30pg 

StrawBerry & Cream - The Strawberry Cream Ejuice which was The Voyage Ejuice by Coastal Clouds Deep Sea delivers warm crunch berry rice crispy treat covered in gooey marshmallow. Travel the seven seas and search as you might, you'll never find an eliquid as delicious as this one! 70vg/30pg

Tres Leches - Rich caramel and sweet cream, with a buttery finish. 70vg/30pg 


If you have a personal fav? let us know.