Pre-Built Clapton 2 in 1 Coils by GEEK VAPE

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The Geek Vape Prebuilt 2-in-1 Coils presents a set of performance-ready pre-coiled designs that eliminate the time consuming hassle of wire configurations and provide the convenience of exotic ready-built coils.

Fused Clapton Coils 2 in 1 F201-  Premium Clapton coil made from Kanthal(KA1) wrapped in Nicrome(N80), to evenly distribute heat. Using the highest grade of materials increases durability and reduces carbon deposit. 2 kinds coils (8pcs in total) with a SS coil tool.(24ga*(pararelle) (KA1)+32ga(N80) 0.25ohm +26g*3 pararelle )(KA1) = 36ga*(N80) 0.3ohm.

  • 4 x Fused Clapton Coil 24ga*2 (Paralleled) (KA1)+32ga(N80), Φ3.0/6wraps W1.4*H0.9, 0.25ohm
  • 4 x Fused Clapton Coil 26ga*3 (Paralleled) (KA1)+36ga(N80), Φ3.0/6wraps W1.5*H0.6, 0.3ohm
  • 1 x Coil Tool Φ3.0*30+Φ4.0*23mm

Framed Staple Coil 2 in 1 F202- (26ga*2 twisted+26ga*2)(KA1)+32ga(N80),/ (34ga*5+32ga)+26ga*2ga](KA1)+32ga(N80) the final resistance for each coil is 0.2ohm/0.25ohm. Each pack contains 2pc coils & 1pc Cotton.

Hybrid Alpha Braid Coil 2 in 1 F205- is a premium Braid coil made from KA1 and N80. It will definitely bring you a massive cloud! 2 kinds coils (8pcs in total) with a SS coil tool.

  • 4 x Alpha Braid Coil [30GA*2 (KA1)+40GA*2(=)*16 (N80), Φ3.0/5wraps, 0.35ohm]
  • 4 x Alpha Braid Coil [28GA*2 (KA1)+40GA*16 (N80), Φ3.0/6wraps, 0.45ohm]
  • 1 x Coil Tool [Φ3.0*30+Φ4.0*23mm]

Multi Strand Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 F209- The Authentic GeekVape F209 Multi Strand Fused Clapton Coil 2 in 1 Coil Kit comes with two types of N80 Fused Clapton coils. These pre-coiled heating wires come with 26GA x 3 + 40GA 0.2 ohm coils, 28GA x 4 + 40GA 0.3 ohm coils. These heating wires will be a good vaping choice for DIY.