Mi-Pod Replacement Pod by SMOKING VAPORS

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Mi-Pod Replacement Pod Cartridge - 2 Pack

Mi-Pod pods from Smoking Vapor are 2ml refillable pods with a 1.0 ohm coil. The built-in coil is wicked with cotton, providing great flavor and vapor production. These pods are refillable through a rubber plug on the bottom of the pod. This pod features two airflow channels: one for vapor, and one for the auto draw system. Auto draw systems are very delicate, and any amount of moisture can render them useless. This two-chamber design reduces the amount of condensation that builds up in the device, and can help to protect the auto draw system. With the patented OAS (Oil and Air Separated) design and top airflow, these pods have a significantly lower amount of leaking issues than those found in other pod systems.

These pods are designed for use with salt nicotine or any other 50/50 ejuice in the Mi-Pod Kit. The 1.0 ohm coil, when paired with high strength e-liquid, provides a very satisfying hit without choking you out. Mi-Pod pods have been designed to accommodate either direct-to-lung or mouth-to-lung draws. If you prefer a tighter MTL experience, each Mi Pod includes a small silicone plug that you can use to restrict the airflow of the pod a bit, giving you that tighter draw.


  • 2ml Juice Capacity
  • 1.0 ohm resistance
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • Organic Cotton
  • Gold-Plated Connection




  • Refillable Thick Oil Pods
  • Side-Fill Design
  • Intense Flavor | Ceramic Technology
  • Use Pods with Mi-POD, Wi-POD Devices
  • Designed by Mi-One Brands

How to fill and prime the Mi-Pod Cartridge:

  • Remove the Mi-Pod pod from its packaging and remove the rubber sleeve off the bottom of the pod.
  • Inside of the rubber sleeve you will find a small airflow adjustment plug that you can use to restrict the airflow of your pod, if you wish.
  • Flip the pod upside down and locate the silicone plug.
  • Remove the silicone plug, exposing the juice fill hole.
  • Insert the tip of your juice bottle and proceed to fill the pod. For an easier filling experience, hold the pod at a slight angle (about 45 degrees) while you fill it.
  • Reinsert the silicone plug.
  • Allow the pod, now full of juice, to sit for at least five minutes. This will allow the cotton to get completely saturated with juice.
  • Take a few small puffs. If the pod tastes saturated, then you're ready to vape!
  • If the cotton tasted like it might still be dry, allow the pod to sit for another five minutes.
  • Now you're ready to use your new Mi-Pod pod!