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With innovation that's sure to become the new industry standard, the new Aspire ET-S BVC E-Cigarette Tank is part of Aspire's 4th-generation atomizer line that has left the competition in a thick, rich fog.  The Aspire ET-S BVC E-cigarette tank's game-changing technology is the new Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) which places a standing heating element in the atomizer to channel air on the draw. The vertical coil of the Aspire eGo vape tank promotes a balanced air-to-vapor ratio and perfectly even liquid vaporization.  The density and flavor produced in the BVC chamber is unheard of among replaceable coil attys.

The new Aspire ET-S BVC E-cigarette tank's innovation doesn't stop at the coil.  The Aspire ET-S BVC E-cigarette tank is a completely overhauled glassomizer from head to tank to tip.  The Aspire eGo vape tank has a retooled coil base with twin side-drilled holes that replaces the last generation's recessed single hole on the center pin contact.  Juice in the Aspire eGo vape tank soaks into the head assembly through 4 holes on the atomizer body to eliminate gurgling and airy hits.  The 3ml Aspire eGo vape tank is composed of totally inert and corrosion-resistant Pyrex glass for longevity and to give you the peace of mind of knowing you're always vaping liquid and liquid only.  Even the drip tip on the ET-S has been improved; it's now slightly longer and has a fuller mouthpiece for more focused vapor intensity. 

The Aspire ET-S BVC E-cigarette tank promises to be the vaping community's new reference clearomizer.  Once you try an Aspire eGo vape tank you won't look back.

Other information:

  • Fits eGo threaded devices
  • BVC Replacement Heads can be found here: Aspire BVC Replacement Heads (5pk)
  • Aspire vertical-coil replacement heads fit the Aspire ET-S, the Aspire CE5 Clearomizer and the Aspire Vivi Nova-S.


Four features make it different from regulare clearomizers.
1.Distinct design, the pen cap comes with the clearomizer not only make it looks beautiful,but also keep dust off the drip tip.
2.Bottom coil system, it can produce more vapor and forward ejuice more easily to the heating part than regular clearomizers.
3.Soft flat drip tip,this soft tip will give you a soft feeling.
4.A metal tube with viewing window,it consists an inside clear plastic tube and an outside metal tube with viewing window.

Like most of clearomizers,the Aspire E-Pen BDC Clearomizer has eGo threading and can fit most batteries or vaporizers with eGo threading, like EVOD 650, 1000 and 1500mah VV batteries. Filling your ET-S BVC/BDC Clearomizer, hints and tips:

  • To fill the Aspire ET-S BVC/BDC E-cigarette tank with your favorite e-liquid, unscrew and remove the end cap on the bottom of the unit.  Turn the tank upside down and drip in liquid against the outer wall of the tank, taking care to avoid getting liquid in the center air flow tube.  Replace the end cap and make sure it is screwed on tightly.  Turn the unit right side up and check for leaks.
  • If liquid does find its way into the center air flow tube, gurgling or leaking may occur.  You can clear liquid out of the air tube by placing the unit right side up on a paper towel and blowing through the drip tip.  Excess liquid will come out of the base and the air tube should be cleared.  If you frequently find liquid in the air tube, check to ensure that all connections are screwed down tightly and/or replace the head assembly.
  • Unscrewing the end cap may also loosen the head assembly inside the cap.  Always ensure that the head assembly is tightly screwed to the end cap before screwing the cap onto the atomizer tank.  Forgetting this step could result in a leaking or malfunctioning device.
  • Never let the tank run completely dry of e-liquid.  Doing so will result in the coil burning the wick and ruining the assembly.  Refill the tank whenever it's 1/3 full.