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HUGO VAPOR Submarine Kit is the new idea kit from the Hugo Vapor official. The submarine has the smooth appearance. It is the simple pod system kit with the one button operation. There are 10 ventilation holes on the top of the body, which help to reduce the hot problem. Besides, the light bar on the center shows you the fashional vaping.

Submarine TC Dry Herb Vaporizer has a sleek submarine design, with 10 ventilation holes near the mouthpiece, acting on dissipating the heat for an optimized taste. By performance, it also stands the test of practicability and ease of use. The large battery with a capacity of 2000mAh is responsible for the long endurance and the 3 levels of the temperature contribute to adapting the new device to your taste preference. Plus the ceramic oven and one-button design, they are conducive to simplify the operation and keep a pure taste.


Brand: Hugo Vapor
Unit: 1Set
Dimension: 143*44*33mm
Material: PPS
3 Shift Temperature: 200-220-240
Heating Chamber: Ceramic Oven
Battery: 2000mAh
LED indicator
Charging: 5V/0.5A
Package: Gift Box

Main Features:
1. Pre-built 2000mAh battery, support re-charging via a micro USB port
2. 3 levels of the temperature available, easier to customize the heating speed and strength of the taste
3. Ceramic oven, effective to avoid over-burning
4. PPS construction, superior in the excellent high-temperature resistance and toughness

Each set contain:
1pc Submarine Device
1pc Grinder Card
1pc User Manual
1pc Dab Tool
1pc Mouthpiece Sleeve
2pc Medical Cotton
1pc USB Cable

How to use it:

(1)Turn on/off:
Continuously press 5 times in 2S,the green LED lights 1 will flash 3 times.
Keep to press 2S for a long time to start heating.
After reaching the temperature, the corresponding position light will be on.
Automatically exit smoking 5 minutes after reaching temperature.
(3)No-load detection: 
LED light 1 flashes 5 times under no-load.
(4)Temperature control:
Continuously press the button three times to switch the Heat Settings,
First Settings: LED lamp 1 shows red -200 degrees.
Second Settings: LED lamp 1 shows purple -220 degrees.
Third Settings: LED lamp 1 shows green -240 degrees.