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MIGHTY VAPORS - Based near San Francisco, CA
Founded in 2013, Mighty Vapors strives to bring quality USA made delicious e-liquids into the market.

HULK TEARSOur famous sour watermelon apple candy backed by fresh berries on the exhale.

FROZEN HULK TEARS - Sour watermelon apple candy backed by fresh berries on the exhale.


Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
Ingredients: High Grade USP VG, PG, Concentrated Nicotine, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

60ml Bottle

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers is the official USA supplier of TFN® Nicotine.

TFN® R-S nicotine has been produced for the US market since 2014. The product has an established track history with vape manufacturers, having been used in over 50 vape brands during that time.

Vape consumers have shown a high satisfaction and preference for TFN® products containing R-S nicotine. The growth and popularity of TFN® is reflected in its wide acceptance by the vape community in the USA. Adult consumers find TFN® R-S nicotine to be indistinguishable from tobacco-derived nicotine, and s-isomer synthetic nicotine, both in terms of overall satisfaction and taste. In fact, the taste and smell differences between the individual isomers of nicotine suggest that R-isomer plays an important role in moderating the harshness of all S-isomer nicotine, and perhaps contributes to the smoothness of R-S nicotine in vape products.

The underlying science on synthetic nicotine isomers is fast developing, and the framework for research is progressively focusing on the relative merits of combined R-S, and separated R and S isomers. The dated comparison of synthetic nicotine to tobacco-derived nicotine, and the relative isomer ratio in tobacco products, offers little insight into the neural pathway pick-up of the different forms of synthetic nicotine isomers. Further, the satiation pathways in the body relative to pick-up of R and S isomer nicotine may well differ to the extent that the isomers complement each other in achieving adult consumer satisfaction with R-S nicotine.

The suggestion that the R-isomer is somehow a so-called 'cheap filler' for synthetic nicotine, not only serves to undermine the potential opportunity that all of the isomeric forms of synthetic nicotine may have to contribute to adult consumers seeking to switch away from dominant tobacco-derived s-isomer nicotine products, but shows a failure to comprehend that synthetic nicotine technology has moved on from dated s-isomer biased tobacco science.